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Warehouse Lighting - First Impressions

Warehouse lightingMost warehouses are quite large buildings which usually have high roofs. To provide the correct light distribution, warehouse lighting requirements are quite often met using light fittings capable of wide light distribution.

The financial savings made possible by conserving energy through the use of the correct lighting products can be immense. Motion and daylight sensors are products which should be installed when performing a warehouse lighting fit out.

This would prevent lighting areas which are not in use by staff, or lighting areas which are receiving enough natural light to meet operational and health and safety lighting standards. Replacing dated mercury or T12 light fittings with more modern T5 dimmable versions, and using motion and daylight sensors will provide extremely efficient warehouse lighting.

Any customers visiting your business premises will begin to form a good impression of you right from the start by the evident importance you place on efficiency. Your upgraded lighting installation can even be funded by a government loan.

Warehouse Lighting - Savings and Pay back!

T5 Amalgam technology gives temperature stability at low and high temperatures and constant output through its 20,000 hour lifetime, therefore minimising maintenance. Using the right combination of light fitting, T5 Amalgam lamp and motion/daylight sensors can prolong the life of the control gear. It is quite possible for control gear used in such a way to have a life cycle of 100,000 hours. 


While there is of course cost involved in updating your warehouse lighting, the savings will more than make up the costs incurred. One real life example of savings achieved after a warehouse lighting review will astound you.


How does a reduction of 270 tonnes of C02 or a cost saving of almost £70,000 per year sound? The best thing about this? Installations can be funded by an interest free carbon trust loan, subject to assessment criteria. 


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