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retail lighting spotlightsRetail Lighting - All lighting is not the same!

Retail LightingWhile the average person might not give a moment's thought to retail lighting, it is actually something that shop owners should really think about long and hard.

Firstly, nobody likes to shop in a dimly lit store. A dimly lit store does not set the right ambience or atmosphere to encourage potential customers to do some serious shopping.

Secondly, it is not enough to simply "throw some lights up" in the store. The wrong type of lighting might interfere with a product's appearance, or with customers' perception of that product.  

To draw your customers to certain areas of your shop, you could try to use some back lighting. You could can use compact fluorescent or low wattage halogen lamps. These type of light sources offer the whitest, brightest light and truer colors than incandescent lamps if you use them with color filters.

You can also attract customers to certain displays by using moving light. A low budget way to achieve this would be to use rope or string lights which have the ability to flash, flicker or follow a chase sequence.

 Retail Lighting - Practicalities & Cost Savings

You should also look at retail lighting from a viewpoint other than sales and creative flair. There are several practical considerations for you to think about such as security and energy saving.

You should brighten up certain areas such as a dimly lit corner of the store, as this should help to prevent shop lifting. Lighting controls should also be considered in suitable areas of the store in order to save energy and electricity costs.

You could perhaps use presence detector sensors in areas such as the staff's canteen or toilets, so that lights not in use switch off after a set period of time.

When thinking about retail lighting and energy saving, it would be extremely stupid not to consider the LED lighting options available. LED lighting is supposed to provide light that makes items appear as they would under natural, bright sunlight.

This means that your customers will be able to see your products in detail. The best argument for LED lighting though is the fact that an LED light source can last for tens of thousands of hours, thereby saving a shop owner time and money replacing conventional lamps.

So, there you have it, you can save money and sell more product if you put enough thought into what really is your retail lighting requirements for a particular shop.


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