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buy office lightingOffice Lighting - Technology & Cost Savings

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There are several different options when it comes to the cosmetic side of office lighting, but if you are in a position where your office lighting is outdated and actually needs replacing, you should be more focused on energy and money saving.

Lighting sensors can save companies money by either switching lights on and off via presence detectors, or daylight sensors which measure the amount of daylight available at that time and adjusts the light output of the office light fittings to produce the required light levels.  

Lighting sensors are particularly useful in areas such as toilets, corridors and staff canteens. Instead of having lights switched on permanently in areas such as these which are empty of personnel most of the time, light sensors can detect when someone walks in or out of a room and switch the light fittings on or off accordingly. As you can imagine, the financial savings can be considerable when lighting sensors are incorporated into an office lighting system. 

 Office Lighting - The Future

It is important to not drown the office in light by using the wrong lighting products or specifications. An overly bright office can cause glares on pc screens, and this in turn can cause headaches for office workers. Clearly, office workers sporting the headache from hell will not be as productive as they could be. Research shows that the correct amount and type of lighting helps increase productivity in the office. 

LED lighting is a light source which i believe will be increasingly used in office lighting applications in the not so distant future. I can only see this as a logical move due to the fact that LED light sources are so economical and produce natural looking light. LED light sources can last for tens of thousands of hours, which translates into decades of use. So, with the ability to replicate natural light and its long life, it would seem that the future of office lighting could at some stage perhaps be LED lighting. 


buy office lighting


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