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LED Lighting - Expensive, but a money saver 


LED LightingMost people seem to highlight the upwards cost differential between low energy LED lighting and the industry standard incandescent lamp as the greatest negative factor against the use of the relatively new LED technology.

An LED lamp is considerably more expensive than its halogen version, but it is also possible that misconception and lack of product knowledge might also negatively cloud some people's perceptions of this fantastic light source.

While low energy LED's are expensive to buy at the moment, it is only a matter of time until greater demand equals larger quantities manufactured, which in turn will eventually lead to much lower prices.

While LED's are not that widely used for domestic lighting right now, it is again only a matter of time before this state of affairs is a thing of the past. The greater cost incurred by the average household is electricity, not the actual lamp being used.

When you consider that LED light sources can potentially last for tens of thousands of hours, which can also be measured as decades, it is only a matter of time before the domestic lighting market sees the light! 

LED Lighting - Is Simply The Future!

Another thing which gets mentioned by those who dislike LED lighting is the fact that light levels and light distribution are not on a par with traditional lighting just yet. LED's do not scatter light in all directions like incandescent or fluorescent lamps can.

As it happens, there are some LED light sources which produce very good results, but in general, history shows that this new technology will be greatly improved in the near future. 

LED lights are widely available for all common base fittings, they don't suffer from certain issues associated with traditional lamps, such as poor start-up times and short life spans due to constant switching on and off, and they don't contain toxic mercury vapour or other unpleasant materials.

With a world wide phase out of the now dated, incandescent lamps already underway, and the fact that lighting manufacturers are starting to invest time, money and effort into developing LED lighting products, the future looks bright for LED lighting.


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