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Exterior Lighting - Industrial and Residential

exterior lightingThere are different types of exterior lighting. The most common type of exterior lighting in an industrial setting would be perimeter lighting. Perimeter lighting  performs a very important security function in that it defines a property's boundaries clearly.

This makes it easier to detect the movement of unauthorised personnel. Smaller companies facing the harsh realities of today's economy tend to install motion sensors in order to save energy by only lighting the outside areas when they are occupied by staff.  

Exterior lighting is also used on the average residential property. Most people have a basic outside light above their front door or porch, but many homes also feature different kinds of light fittings including LED uplights in their gardens. There are many different garden lights on the market to choose from, providing different ways to set different moods in certain areas of your garden.

 Exterior Lighting - Car Parks and Roads

Roads and car parks need efficient and bright lighting to ensure that vehicles can safely navigate the area. This kind of exterior lighting usually requires the advice of an expert to establish facts such as the type of lighting required for a specific area, the optimal distance between light fittings, the size and appearance of light fittings.

Car parks in particular, usually require some thought in terms of aesthetics. It would not be desirable for the wrong type of lighting to detract from the structures around it.  Energy saving is something that should be top of the list when assessing street lighting, as cost savings can be made by choosing the right lighting.

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