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Energy Saving - At Your Home

Energy saving lightingThere are several options available to you when thinking about energy saving and cutting your electricity bill by reviewing your home lighting.

Most of the lamps(light bulbs) in use in homes today are the old incandescent type which was invented over 100 years ago!

These incandescent lamps might be cheap to buy, but they really are very inefficient, with only a small fraction of power drawn being converted into light.

So not only do incandescent lamps run up your electricity bill, but they also contribute to global warming by producing electrical energy which is not required and ends up being converted into heat. 

When compared to incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps can reduce energy consumption by 20-30%. Compact fluorescent lamps qualified by Energy Star can reduce the use of electricity by up to 75%.

LED lighting can produce an energy saving of up to 90%. Motion sensors can also be installed to ensure that electricity is never wasted by lighting up a room which is actually unoccupied.

While some of the energy saving lamps mentioned here cost more to buy, and of course motion sensors would be an added expense, it really would not take long to achieve financial pay back. 


Energy Saving - At Your Business

 Huge energy and cost savings can be made at the work place. When conducting a review of your current lighting system, you should straight away be sure to replace any outdated T12 lamp type luminaires with more modern and efficient T5 lamp types.

Perhaps some older fluorescent lamp type fittings in the office could be replaced with the newer and much more efficient LED types. In a warehouse or factory environment, old mercury type light fittings should be changed for T5 versions.  

Motion and daylight sensors should definitely be installed in relevant areas. There is for example no point in lighting the toilet areas continuously while they are unoccupied.

By the same token, there is no point in lighting up an office like a Christmas tree if there is sufficient natural light present. Review your lighting system in this fashion and you will see a huge cost and energy saving. 


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