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Residential and Commercial Lighting

You Light Store is a brand new website dedicated to all things lighting. This website will be expanded and updated in the coming weeks to include lighting products, lighting information and lighting industry contacts. 

LightingAll lighting is the same right?........

In a word, no. There are different lighting products available to help achieve specific lighting requirements.

For example, if your home is quite old and requires replacement light fittings, now would be the time to invest in some LED lighting. LED light sources can produce natural looking light and can last for up to tens of thousands of hours, saving a fortune on conventional lamps.(light bulbs)

Perhaps you own or manage a large warehouse. Investing in the correct light fittings and lighting controls such as presence detecting sensors could save you a lot of energy and money. Light fittings which can be dimmed down and controlled by light measuring sensors or presence detectors will ensure that an area is only lit when there are personnel working in that particular area or there is a lack of natural light.

In some cases you could recoup the cost of the new light fittings in only a year, simply because of the energy saving features a new lighting system could provide you with. 

Lighting - Downlights to Chill Beam Lighting

Whether you are looking for downlights, led lighting, office lighting, retail lighting, warehouse lighting, emergency lighting or even decorative lighting, there are products to match your needs available.

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